Introduction and Overview

Key Truths of the bible

  • The Spirit of Christ was the firstborn of creation, the Word – the speaker and image of the invisible God. The Spirit of Christ was the Holy Spirit in the prophets, Who was manifest in the flesh, in the Son of man. “Manifest in the flesh” simply means “revealed” in the flesh, as dramatically demonstrated in the first Chapter of Revelation, where the Spirit of Christ is manifest as the Angel of God, the Son of man, and the “image of the invisible God,” all at the same time.
  • The spirit of God was the anointing that was first put on Christ, and later poured out on the Day of Pentecost. After the Day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God was called “the holy spirit” and the Spirit of Christ was called “the Spirit.”
  • Today, Christ is our Lord. But on the LORD’s Day, Christ will submit to God. God is “the First and the Last” (LORD), who speaks through Christ in the LORD’s Day, as in the Old Testament.

Over the next twenty sections, we will look at the Bible’s explanation, and how it was changed.

  1. We know what we worship – In Jesus’ Day, the Jewish people knew that men had only seen God’s Messenger, the Word.
  2. The Only Begotten God – The Spirit of Christ was the firstborn of creation, and the speaker for the invisible God.
  3. The Word – The Jewish people knew that the Spirit and Angel of God was the Word: the image and the Speaker for the unseen God.
  4. The Six Days of Creation- Six communications of the invisible God to His image, the Spirit of Christ, outlined God’s plan of salvation for the six thousand year history of man.
  5. The image of the invisible God – No one has seen God at any time. The Spirit of Christ has always been the image of the invisible God.
  6. The Messenger of God – The Spirit of Christ appeared as an Angel or Messenger to speak the words of God. He named Jacob, “Israel,” and Jacob called the Messenger “his God.”
  7. The Messenger appears to Moses – The name of the Messenger, was revealed as “He WILL BE” at the burning bush. Here God showed Moses, the meaning of an ELOHIM; one who speaks for another. In their next visit, the Messenger told Moses that He appeared to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob as “God Almighty.”
  8. YHVH our ELOHIM – The Israelites knew that there were two Gods, the Messenger, who was their God, and the invisible God, who was the Most High God.
  9. YHVH our ELOHIM, YHVH, ECHAD – After the Messenger of God stopped appearing, the Spirit of Christ continued as the speaker for God in the Prophets.
  10. The Holy Spirit in the Prophets – the Apostle Peter told us that the Spirit of Christ was the Holy Spirit in the prophets, which the Targumim called “the Word.”
  11. The Archangel – Daniel and Zechariah prophesied that the Spirit of Christ as the Angel of YHVH would be the ruler of the Angels after Christ became the Lord.
  12. Who was Manifest in the Flesh? – The Spirit of Christ was not “incarnated” as in the idea of Latin theology, rather the Spirit of Christ was “found in appearance as a man.” In the Book of Revelation, we see the Spirit of Christ appear as the Son of Man, and the Image of God, and the Archangel, all at the same time.
  13. The Only Begotten Son – The Spirit of Christ became God’s only begotten Son when He resurrected from the dead.
  14. The Lord is the Spirit – after the Day of Pentecost, the Apostles called the Spirit of God, the holy spirit, and they called the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit.
  15. The Angel of Revelation – God told us He sent His Angel to guide John. The Angel has three different looks, but all the clues reveal that it is the Spirit of Christ. After the LORD’s Day, the Angel commanded John not to worship Him, calling Himself John’s brother.
  16. My Lord and my God – The Apostles Peter and John preached that Jesus Christ was the ELOHIM, the God of Israel. The Gentiles became confused by the meaning of Christ as the God of Israel.
  17. The Spirit of the Antichrist- In the Bible, the phrase “Son of Man” has the very meaning that Christ is not God. The Apostle John warned against modalism, which he called “the Spirit of the Antichrist.”
  18. A Third Person is “Born” – in the Second Century, the Jews tried to destroy the message of the Sons of God in the kingdom of heaven, by saying that the Holy Spirit was in all creatures, and first appeared in Genesis 1:2. Justin Martyr said the holy spirit was “born on the waters” in Genesis 1:2.
  19. Given into his hands – The Spirit of the Antichrist took control of the Church through the Bishop of Rome, in 193 AD. This Bishop advanced modalism in Rome from 190 to 200 AD. Therefore, John called modalism: “the Spirit of the Antichrist.”
  20. The Image of the Beast – John prophesied that Satan would deceive the world to make an image to the beast, at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, from 376 to 382 AD.