Preface 4 – The Explanation of God

The Spirit of Christ (Yihvah our ELOHIM) and God (Yihvah) came together as one in the Old Testament. “Yihvah our ELOHIM, Yihvah, is one.” The Father was “the LORD” in the Old Testament. He spoke through the Spirit of Christ.

God will be the LORD again after the LORD’s Day, and will again speak to us directly through Christ, so that we will not be able to distinguish the invisible God from the Spirit of Christ. They will be one.

God explained His relationship with Christ in the Old Testament:

  • through His interaction with Moses, where He made Moses an “Elohim” to Pharaoh, and
  • through the expression “the First and the Last” in Isaiah, used by John in Revelation.
Bible Passages Biblical Truth
In Chapter 7, we will see how Moses spoke the words of the invisible God to Pharaoh. Moses became as “ELOHIM” to Pharaoh: “See, I have made you as ELOHIM to Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother shall be your prophet” (Exodus 7:1). The phrase for God, ELOHIM, is actually masculine plural.

The expression ELOHIM can refer to any divine beings, or even “Sons of God” as Jesus said, “does it not say in your law, I said you are gods” (John 10:34).

We will see, in a moment, why ELOHIM is plural, yet is one. The Spirit of Christ, “the Word,” spoke for the invisible God.

“Thus says Yihvah (HE WILL BE), the King of Israel,
and Redeemer, Yihvah (HE WILL BE) of Hosts,
‘I am the First, and I am the Last,
Besides Me, there is no God (ELOHIM) . . . ” (Isaiah 44:6)
“HE WILL BE” refers to the Redeemer, and King of the Jews as written above the cross, so Jesus said, “when you lift up the Son of Man, you will know that I AM” (John 8:28). Christ, “HE WILL BE,” was “the Lord of Hosts” or Armies, who appeared to Joshua, as the “Commander of the Lord’s Army.”

All things were created through and by Christ, meaning that the invisible God spoke through and by Christ.

The Spirit of Christ was “the Word” (ELOHIM) who spoke as the invisible God, saying, “I am the First and, I am the Last.” For God is the LORD before, and after Christ. Christ was made our Lord after He endured the cross.

In Revelation, we find, in the Lord’s Day, the invisible God will speak through the Spirit of Christ again, saying, “I am the First and the Last.”