The Holy City

(Revelation 21:10-27; 22:1-2)

In Revelation 21, the apostle John describes the Holy City coming out of heaven in God.1Rev 21:10-11 This is the New Jerusalem that we first met in Revelation 12. She was clothed with the sun, with the stars around her head, and the moon under her feet.2Rev 12:1 

“Clothed with the sun” means she was clothed with God, “having the glory of God. Her brilliance is like a costly stone … having a great and high wall.”3Rev 21:11-12 John told us that the wall of the city was 1,500 miles in height, if one could even imagine such height.

The Holy City is much bigger than the New Jerusalem described in the book of Ezekiel. That was the New Jerusalem on this earth. The New Jerusalem in heaven holds a great multitude “that no one could count.”4Rev 7:9

In Revelation 5, the number who surrounded the throne were “myriads of myriads”5Rev 5:11 —or hundreds of millions. The height and width and length of the New Jerusalem were the same.6Rev 21:16 All the sides were equal. There is neither male nor female nor Greek nor Jew in Christ.

The New Jerusalem’s foundation is made of twelve precious stones,7Rev 21:19-20; these are not the same stones that make up the breastplate in Exodus 39:10-13 which are the good works of the saints.81Cor 3:12 Her gates are all pearls9Rev 21:21 for she is the pearl of great price,10Matt 13:46 built on the foundation of Christ and the apostles.11Eph 2:20 On the wall of the city are twelve foundation stones with the twelve names of the apostles of the Lamb.12Rev 21:14

There is no need for the sun or the moon for the glory of God and the Lamb is its light and the nations walk by this light.13Rev 21:23-24

Coming from the throne of God and the Lamb is “a river of water of life, as clear as a crystal.”14Rev 22:1 The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.15Rev 22:2