Christ will Submit to God

(Exodus 3:15; Daniel 2:37; Rev 11:17; 17:14; 19:1-10; 22:7-9, 16)

In the Book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar prefigured the beast. Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that he was “the King of Kings.”1Dan 2:37 The beast would be the king of ten kings, until the Spirit of Christ became “King of Kings and Lord of Lords,”2Rev 17:14 as described in Revelation 17. In the Lord’s Day, however, Christ will submit to God, and God will be the Lord.

In Revelation 11, the voices in heaven say, “You have taken back Your great power and have begun to reign.”3Rev 11:17

The last chapters of the Book of Revelation also tell us that we will no longer worship Christ in the Lord’s Day.

In Revelation 19, when John tried to worship the One who spoke to him from the throne, He said to him, “Do not do that. I am your brother. Worship God!”4Rev 19:10 Of course, we know that Christ was the One who “appeared” on the throne. He is always the image of the invisible God.

In Revelation 22, John heard an angel speaking as Christ, saying, “I am coming quickly.”5Rev 22:7 Thus, he fell down and tried to worship the angel, but the angel again said, “Do not do that. I am your brother. Worship God!”6Rev 22:9 Here, we again learn that when Christ submits to God, He will no longer be our Lord. He will be our brother.

In Revelation 19, we hear a great multitude in heaven praising the name of Yah, saying, “Hallelujah, salvation and glory and power belong to our God!”7Rev 19:1 “Hallelujah” literally means “Praise Yihvah” or “Praise Yah.” In the Old Testament, the invisible God and His image shared the name Yihvah, which means “He WILL BE” in Hebrew. When God met Moses at the burning bush, He said, “This is My name forever,”8Exod 3:15 for Christ became “I AM” when He became our Lord and Redeemer.

The prophet Zechariah said, “In that Day it shall be He WILL BE one, and His name one.”9Zech 14:9 Of course, we know that God and Christ no longer share the name He WILL BE, as they did in the Old Testament, because Christ became I AM. So, what name can they share? In the last chapter of the Book of Revelation, God spoke through the angel, saying, “I, Jesus, sent My angel.”10Rev 22:16