The Four Hours of Revelation

(John 9:4; 11:9; Revelation 8:1; 11:13; 14:6 and 15; 17:12)

The Book of Genesis describes the years from Adam until Abraham as 1948 years. The Gospel of Matthew lists all the generations from Abraham until Christ—three sets of fourteen generations. The years in Genesis, and the generations in Matthew explain the genealogy of Christ from 3,761 or 3,928 BC. 1

According to the prophecy of Genesis 15:13, the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt occurred in 400 years after the birth Isaac. This began the Jubilee of Jubilees, the 50th period of 50 years from creation.

In Revelation 15, the saints in heaven sing Moses’ song of deliverance to celebrate their salvation when Christ returns.

According to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, Christ’s return will occur after the Jewish year 6,400. Jewish years begin with the creation of man.

These 6,400 years of man can be divided into 12 hours, 12 periods of 533 years. The Bible describes 12 hours in a day. The Gospel of John, and the First Epistle of John, describe the hour of the Apostolic age that was ended by the Antichrist.

In the Book of Revelation, we find the last four “hours” of man.

The first is foretold in Revelation 17. John said the ten kings, the ten states of Europe, would reign with the beast for “one hour.” This began with the East–West Schism of 1054.

The second hour is described in Revelation 11. In that hour, a tenth of the city fell in a great earthquake. The Earth represents the people, and a quake is their shaking in war. In the Reformation, religious wars killed a tenth of the people in Europe.

In Revelation 8:1, we read, “There was silence in heaven for half an hour.” In 1648, the Reformation wars ended with the Peace of Westphalia, and the martyrs ceased crying out in heaven. A half an hour, or 267 years, brings us to 1917, when fire was poured out of the altar, and “the hour of God’s judgment” began.

The final hour is the “hour to reap … the harvest.”


  1. Some say the creation date of 3761 BC was calculated by the Second Century Sedar Olam, which said the first temple was destroyed in 419 BC (not 586 BC); and 490 years later the second temple was destroyed by the Romans, fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy of 490 years (according to the Rabbis’ misinterpretation). The first temple stood for 410 years according to the Talmud (or 390 years from the time from Solomon’s idolatrous son; the years of idolatry in Ezek 4:4-8). The construction of the temple began 480 years after the Exodus according to 1 Kings 6:1 (440 years in the Greek Septuagint). Adding two more years makes the date of the Exodus from Egypt to be 1311 BC (2+419+410+480). From here, we just need to add 400 years to the birth of Isaac (Genesis 15:13), and another 100 years to the birth of Abraham (Genesis 21:5), and then we can tie into the chart below to brings us to the date of creation of 3761 BC.

    You would think that correcting the Rabbi’s error of 167 years for the destruction of the first temple should give us a real date of creation of 3928 BC, not 3761 BC.

    However, there is also a problem with the 480 years of 1 Kings 6:1. This gives us 406 years (480-74 years) from the Exodus to the birth of David (or 490 years by Paul’s estimate in Acts 13:18-20),  in only 5 generations (1 Chr 26:24-25: Eliezer-Reheibiah-Jeshiah-Joram-Zichri-Shemoloth (vs.28) ; or Nahshon-Salmon-Boaz-Obed-Jesse-David as recorded in Matthew 1, Luke, Ruth and Chronicles). This is an average age of 81 years before childbirth, or 98 years according to Paul’s estimate. This seems impossible in a time when Moses said the average lifespan was 70-80 years (Psalm 90:10). It seems that 1 Kings, and Paul have both tried to include the so-called “300 years” of Deuteronomy 2:36 to Judges 11:26. This “300 years” is backed up by several periods of “40” and “80” years in Judges 3:11; 3:30; 5:31; and 8:28 that appear in comparison to the 40 years in the Wilderness.

    If indeed, this “300 years” is greatly overstated, and the times of childbirth were normal, then Matthew 1:17 helps us understand a creation date of 3761 BC. It closely explains the know dates of history, which are in red.