Fire from the Altar

(Revelation 8:5)

The apostle John prophesied the end-time outpouring of the holy spirit, saying, “The Angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and hurled it to the earth.”

The Angel was Christ and the fire that He poured out was the same holy spirit He poured out on the day of Pentecost with “tongues of fire.”

In 1917, after Paul Wei obeyed the instruction of God to be baptized face down, he received the comfort of the holy spirit, as evidenced by the tongue emitting sound, in Greek, laleo glossa. This expression appears only in the Bible. The meaning of it is much different from the “speaking in tongues” practiced by the Pentecostal denominations of the West. The Greek expression laleo glossa does not describe speaking in other languages. There are other Greek expressions for that. For Paul Wei and the church in China, the tongue emits sound. There was also a strong comforting movement of the holy spirit that could be seen by all. As on the day of Pentecost, the evidence of the presence of the holy spirit was both seen and heard.

On his deathbed, Paul Wei pleaded with the Western missionary Bernt Berntsen, saying, “If you are able to believe that Jesus gave me a face-down baptism and that He personally appeared and gave me commands, then you will indeed enter that holiest place.”1True Jesus Church Thirtieth Anniversary Commemorative Volume, Nanking: True Jesus Church, 1948, M9 Berntsen refused, however, saying that he would wait until the Holy Spirit revealed it to him.

As Ezekiel prophesied, the Church of the end days would come from the East.

The Church of the East rejected the image and mark of the beast, and obeyed the following five doctrines:

• Sabbath day rest;
• Baptism in the name of Jesus, in like manner;
• Washing of the feet after baptism;
• Holy Communion; and
• The laying on of hands for bestowing the gift of the holy spirit.