Zechariah 5:1 – 6:8

The Flying Scroll, the Flying Basket, and the Flying Chariots

Zechariah saw three visions of the end time saints who remove the lawlessness from the kingdom of heaven. Daniel’s visions of the war of the Beast with the saints, ended with the appearance of Martin Luther, in Daniel 12. This was described in Zechariah 4. But Zechariah carries on to describe the continuing war of the saints against the false doctrines of the Antichrist, after the Reformation.

Zechariah’s vision of the saints who “fly in mid heaven,” (Rev 8:13; 14:6; 19:17) underpin the visions of Revelation 8, 14, 16 and 19.  These saints are represented by the eagle, the fourth living creature. But, in this passage, they are called the “storks,” the feminine form of which means “saints.” The saints have the power of the Holy Spirit, “the Wind (Spirit) in their wings,” to defeat the work of the Antichrist.

The phrase “this goes out over the face of the earth,” describes the flying scroll, in verse 3, and the basket in verse 6. His second vision describes “two women,” which are the “two mountains” in his third vision. The Apostle Paul described the saints of the Old and New Covenants as “two women,” and “two mountains.”

Zech 5:1
a flying scroll – a great description of the internet that brings the truth, and God’s judgment against mystery Babylon. Until this time, no one understood the Apostolic doctrine, to bring God’s judgment against those who worship the image of the beast, and receive his mark, as described in Revelation 14:9. The internet age has fully exposed the false doctrines of the Antichrist, by allowing us to understand the true text of the Bible, which had been altered to support the Trinity doctrine (the image of the beast).

The “Angel flying in the midst of heaven” in Revelation 14:6,7 brings the everlasting gospel and “the hour of His judgment.” This is the final hour on the clock of the history of the earth; it is the eleventh hour, representing the last five hundred years (1/12 X 6,000) before Christ returns.

Zech 5:2
its length is twenty cubits and its width is ten cubits – or about 30 feet by 15 feet, 450 square feet. Why is this “flying scroll” measured like a living space? This “flying scroll” enters entire rooms, and living areas through one’s wifi.

Zech 5:3
this is the curse that goes over the face of the earth – through the internet, it goes out over the face of the earth.

every thief expelled… perjurer expelled – the scroll is written on two sides, normally scrolls are written on one side only. A two sided scroll is also found in Revelation 5:1-6, these are also the scrolls that bring God’s judgment.

The lawless are expelled from the kingdom of heaven. Jesus called the false prophets thieves, when He said: “he who climbs up another way, he is a robber and a thief” (John 10:1).

Zech 5:4
it shall enter the house of the thief – how does a 450 square foot flying scroll enter the house of a thief? Through his Wifi.

and the one who swears falsely by my name – the one that uses the name of Jesus in false teaching and hypocrisy.

it shall remain in the midst of his house and consume it – the message of truth and the conviction of it shall destroy his house: his household.

Zech 5:5
the Angel who talked with me – again, the Spirit of Christ as described earlier.

see what is this that goes forth – the expression “goes forth” (hayyoset) appears only six times in the Old Testament. It is the same word in verse 3, “this is the curse that goes forth,” connecting these two visions. The flying scroll, causes the basket to go forth.

Zech 5:6
it is a basket – more literally, it is an “ephah” which is a measuring container. The Targum explains verse 6 as “the people…using false measure…They are going to be exposed before all the inhabitants of the earth.” But here, we mean the false measurements of the Gospel of salvation.

this is their resemblance throughout the whole earth – who are the “they” in this phrase? It is the work of the saints, as represented by “the scroll” and “the basket,” both of which represent the removing of the lawless from the kingdom of heaven, by the saints. This is taking place all over the face of the earth, as described in verse 3.

Zech 5:7
here is a lead disk lifted up – the Angel lifted up the lead disk to show the woman who had been thrust into the basket. The lead disk is a “talent” the heaviest of weights, 125 pounds, preventing her from getting out of the basket. In other words, her sin will be contained, never to affect the saints again.

a woman inside a basket –  This woman is the harlot in Revelation 17.  It is the false religion of the Antichrist, the beast.

Zech 5:8
this is wickedness – or we might say, “lawlessness,” the work of the “thief,” and “everyone who swears falsely by my name” in verse 4.

he thrust her down into the basket – capturing her in the basket, the defeat of the false religion of the beast.

Zech 5:9
and there were two women –  these are the saints of the Old and New Covenants, also described as two “bronze mountains” in Zechariah 6:1.  In Galatians 4:21-21, Paul described the Old and New Covenants as two women, or two mountains. In verse 25, Paul called the Woman of the Old Covenant, Hagar, and the Mountain of the Old Covenant, Mount Sinai. The Woman of the New Covenant is the bride of Christ, the “elect lady,” described in 2 John 1:1, and Revelation 12:1. The Mountain of the New Covenant is the Mountain of Christ, described in Daniel 2:35, Isaiah 2:2, and Micah 4:1.

coming with the wind in their wings – which may be translated as “coming with the Spirit (RUAH) in their wings.” These women are propelled by the Holy Spirit.

they had wings like the wings of a stork – the Hebrew word for stork is “chasidah,” the feminine form of “chasid,” means “godly ones,” or “saints,” as in Psalms 4:3; 12:1; 16:10; 18:25; 30:4; 31:23, etc. This woman of sin is carried away by the saints, who have the wings of a stork.

Israel was captive in Babylon because of idolatry, and left their sin behind in Babylon, as covered by lead. They never returned to idolatry after leaving Babylon. Likewise, the kingdom of heaven was corrupted, in mystery Babylon, and the saints also “covered” her with a lid.

they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven – the expression “flying in mid heaven” (between heaven and earth) is used in the Book of Revelation to describe the end time saints who remove the lawlessness from Christ’s kingdom, see Rev 8:13; 14:6; 19:17.

Zech 5:10-11
to build a house – She will be brought to a “house” in Shinar, which some translations, simply translate as “temple” because the word “bayit” is normally used for the house or temple of God. This is the false Church that has been exposed, “mystery Babylon.” The Targum says, “to prepare a place for them in the province of Babylon; and they shall be detained and kept there until their time arrives.” In spiritual terms, this is a comparison to the house of the saints, “In My Father’s house, there are many dwelling places”…”if anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make our me with him” (John 14:2, 23). The saints preach the truth, and keep the lawless out of the house of God, His true Church. Another place is prepared for them.

in the land of Shinar – this woman will be placed in Babylon. See Shinar in Daniel 1:2, where King Nebuchadnezzer brought “the vessels of the house of God.”

Zech 6:1
four chariots – each led by different color horses signifying a different mission for each “chariot.” These chariots bring us back to Ezekiel 1, and the four living creatures who are as “chariots.”

two mountains of bronze – after standing before YHVH, vs. 5, they come out from between these two mountains. This is truly a fantastic scene.  The mountains of the Old and New Covenants, Mount Zion, and the Mountain of Christ. Bronze is the colour of the Spirit of Christ in Ezekiel 40:3, Daniel 10:6, and Revelation 1:15. The Spirit of Christ was the Spirit the Israelites drank (1 Cor 10:4).

Zech 6:2-3
red, black, white, dappled – the four spirits of heaven, as per verse 5

red – the color of the Spirit of Christ, Zech 1:8; as a robe dipped in blood, Rev 19:13

Zech 6:4-5
my Lord – another evidence that “the Angel who talked with me” is the Angel of YHVH

the four spirits of heaven going forth after standing before YHVH of all the earth – compare with Rev 1:4 etc, “the seven Spirits before His throne.” Four here, represents all four directions, whereas seven represents the complete number of Spirits.

Zech 6:6-7
black – the Spirits of the Antichrist.

white – these go after the Spirits of the Antichrists to the North, see Rev 19:14.

strong dappled horses – the ones eager to patrol, who go to the south country, which must be Israel, and from Israel, they go throughout the earth. We can see these in Zechariah 14:8, “in that Day it shall be that living waters shall flow from Jerusalem, half of them toward the eastern sea and half of them toward the western sea.”

Zech 6:8
these have appeased My Spirit in the land of the North – the spirit of the Antichrist is in the land of the North, but the Spirit of God, and the true Church is also in the land of the North. The white horses appease God’s spirit in the land of the North. These are the armies of heaven that attack the work of the Antichrist, as we read in Revelation 19:14.