Ezekiel 44-46

The Prince and Worship in the Temple

Ezek 44:2
And YHVH said to me – here the bronze man, described in Ezekiel 40:3 having a measuring rod is clearly identified as the Spirit of Christ, the Angel of YHVH. See also Daniel 10:6 and Revelation 1:15. The subject of this passage will be Christ, who is “David” the Prince, as first identified in Ezekiel 37:25.

Ezek 44:3
the Prince may sit to eat bread before YHVH – as our High Priest.

Ezek 44:4-5
and YHVH said to me – the bronze man is called YHVH again.

mark well who may enter the sanctuary – the entry requirements will be strict.

Ezek 44:6-9
no foreigner uncircumcised in heart… or…flesh – see Rom 2:29, and Colossians 2:11.

Ezek 44:10-31
the priests shall not defile themselves – they must be holy.

Ezek 45:16
offering for the prince – the people are to make an offering for the Prince, who is Christ.

Ezek 45:17
He shall…make atonement for the house of Israel – Christ will atone for the people!