Daniel 9:1-20

Your Sanctuary is Desolate

Daniel’s prayer is an account of the failures of God’s people, that caused them to fall into the captivity of Babylon. These same failures would also cause the captivity of the New Testament saints, in mystery Babylon, and the desolation of the Church, when the Spirit of truth departed from His Church. They did not keep His commandments (vs 3-4, 9 -10), they departed from His precepts (vs 5-6) and they did not understand His truth (vs 12-13).

Dan 9:1
In the first year of Darius – which would be 539 BC, when Cyrus and the Medes conquered Babylon.

Dan 9:2
Jeremiah…seventy years – as prophesied in  Jer 25:11,12; 29:10.

desolations – without the temple, prefiguring the desolation of the true Church, the abomination of desolation. See notes at Zechariah 1:12. The word “desolation” in Jeremiah 25:11, and Daniel 9:2, tells us that the seventy-year period began when Jerusalem is “desolated,” and that is when the temple was also desolated. The Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed in the summer of 586 BC; and will be rebuilt, and dedicated in the spring of 516 BC, according to Ezra 6:15.


Dan 9:3-4
with those who love Him and keep His commandments – the true Church will be restored to those who love Christ and God, and keep the commandments of Christ and God.

Dan 9:5-6
departing from your precepts and Your judgments – Daniel begins to detail the failure, which begins with forsaking the word of God.

Dan 9:7-8
because of the unfaithfulness – Israel became as a harlot, see also Ezekiel 16.

Dan 9:9-11
we have not obeyed…all Israel has transgressed Your law – Daniel emphasized that “all” Israel broke the law,  just as “all men” received a mark, when they broke the commandment of God, as described in Revelation 13:16.

Dan 9:12-13
understand Your truth – to which we can now say, the truth of the Gospel, and other truths of the Bible.

Dan 9:16-17
Your sanctuary, which is desolate – the Church shall be desolate of the Holy Spirit, just as Israel was desolated, as first described in verse 2.

Dan 9:18-19
Your people who are called by Your name – like the Jews of Daniel’s Day, all those who call themselves after Christ, will also suffer God’s wrath, if they do not keep His commandments, and His word.

Dan 9:19-20
for the holy mountain of my God – the mountain is the true Church in Daniel 2:35; Isaiah 2 and Micah 4.