Old Testament End Time Prophecies

Prophecies of the End Times by the Old Testament Prophets

The Prophets in the Old Testament spoke of current affairs, and the future, even to the LORD’s Day. Here, we are only concerned with the end times, the times prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Some prophets spoke significantly of the end times, and these we have addressed in the Chapter by Chapter summaries.

Most prophets had some message regarding the last days, and as we study the Bible further, we will come to an even deeper understanding of their message.

Joel (850 BC)
Joel is considered to be the first of the Old Testament prophets, and the Day of the LORD is his theme beginning with Joel 1:15. Joel 2:10 tells us the sun and the moon will grow dark in that Day. The spring and autumn rain in Joel 2:23 are representative of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Apostolic time, and the end days, as mentioned in Joel 2:28-32, and Hosea 6:3.  This prophecy of the Day of the LORD in Joel 2:28-32 is mentioned by Peter in Acts 2:17-21. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Israel in the end days, is also described in Ezekiel 37:9, and Zechariah 14:8. Joel 3:2 prophecies that all the nations will gather in the valley of Jehoshaphat, which means “Jehovah Judges,” see Joel 3:12. Ezekiel 38:21 describes this as the Day when the nations turn their swords against each other, as they did in the battle of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:23.
Obadiah (840 BC – 1 Kings 18:7)
Obadiah 1:15-17, speaks of the Day of the LORD, but on Mount Zion, in God’s Church, there will be deliverance. The elect will be spared from God’s wrath. They will be resurrected before God’s flaming fire is poured out.
Jonah (770 BC) – nothing here.
Isaiah (750 BC)– discussed separately.
Hosea (750 BC)  – discussed separately.
Amos (750 BC)
Amos 9:11-15, tells us “in that Day, I will raise up the tabernacle of David.”
Micah (720 BC)
Micah 4:1-3 is the same message as Isaiah 2: the mountain of the Lord will exalted in the last days, “and they will beat their swords into plowshears.” Meaning, that God’s Church shall be raised up in the last days, and during this time, the nations will not make war with one, another. It shall be a time of peace, and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3, Ezekiel 38:11).
Zephaniah (620 BC)
Zephaniah 1:14, “the Day of God is near.” Zephaniah 3:9-13, the Remnant shall be pure.
Nahum (615 BC) – nothing here.
Habakkuk (597 BC) – nothing here.
Ezekiel (593 BC) – discussed separately.
Jeremiah (570 BC)
In Jeremiah 30:8-9, we learn that Israel will serve “David their King” who is Christ, see Hosea 3:5; Ezekiel 34:23. Jeremiah 31:8, 32:37 tells us they will come “from the ends of the earth.” In Jeremiah 31:31, we read that there will be a “New Covenant,” which Jeremiah 32:40 calls an “everlasting covenant.” Jeremiah 33:15-16 explains that the righteous “Branch” of David will spring forth, and that Jerusalem will be called “the Lord is our righteousness.” Jeremiah 51 is a double prophecy of Babylon and Mystery Babylon, that brings us two famous phrases: “Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’s hand, that made all the nations drunk” (Jeremiah 51:7), and “come out from her My people” (Jeremiah 51:45),  see Rev 14:8; 17:2, 18:1.  Jeremiah 51:1 begins in the NKJV with “I will raise up against Babylon…a destroying wind.” But the Hebrew word RUAH is more accurately understood as “a destroying spirit.” That destroying spirit, for Babylon is “the spirit of the kings of the Medes,” in verse 11. But for “Mystery Babylon,” the destroying Spirit is described in verse 19, as “the portion of Jacob,” – the God of Jacob, the Spirit of Christ, the Angel of YHVH, the Rider on the White Horse, as the Body of Christ, “the YHVH of the Armies is His name.” Jeremiah 51:20 continues: “You are My battle-Ax…I will break nations…the horse and its rider…etc.” Compare this to “the nations,” in Revelation 19:15 and the listing “kings…horses and those who sit on them” etc, in Revelation 19:18.
Lamentations (570 BC) – nothing here.
Daniel (520 BC) – discussed separately.
Haggai (520 BC)
Haggai 2:9, “the glory of this house will be greater than the former.” The Church of the end days will be more glorious than the Church of the Apostolic age.
Haggai 2:22, “I will overthrow the thrones of kingdoms…” God’s fury shall come against the nations in the Day of the LORD.
Zechariah (520 BC) – discussed separately.
Malachi (440 BC)
Malachi 3:3 “He will purify the sons of Levi” is also an end days fulfilment.