Revelation 1:12-20

The Five Manifestations of the Spirit of Christ in the LORD’s Day

The first Chapter of Revelation helps us to understand the Spirit of Christ throughout the Bible. In the LORD’s Day, we actually see five manifestations of the Spirit of Christ:

  1. As the Word, vs. 8, and 17
  2. As the Son of Man, vs 7, 13, and 18
  3. As the Archangel, WHO IS LIKE GOD, the Ruler of the Angels, vs 13-16, and 20
  4. As the Image of the Invisible God, the Ancient of Days, vs 14, and
  5. As the Sanctified Body of Christ, vs 14 – 16

As the Word, the Spirit of Christ was the speaker for the invisible God, in the Old Testament and again in the LORD’s Day. We discussed the Spirit of Christ as the Archangel, WHO IS LIKE GOD, the ruler of the Angels in Daniel 10. The Spirit of Christ has always been “the image of the invisible God” as Paul told us. The Rider on the White Horse as the Body of Christ was well understood by the early Church, as found in the Shepherd of Hermas, 130 AD: “the Spirit that spoke to you in the form of a Church.” [Similtude 9, Chapter 1, verse 1]

These five manifestations of the Spirit of Christ are seen in verses 12- 20.

Rev 1:12
the voice that was speaking with me – the loud voice as a trumpet came from the Spirit of Christ, who we are about to meet

seven golden lampstands – the seven churches, see vs. 20. These lampstands, or lamps, are found in Zechariah 4:2.

Rev 1:13
in the middle of the lampstands – see also Rev 2:1,
Son of man – from Daniel 7:13
with a golden sash – this is the Angel, WHO IS LIKE GOD, from Dan 10:5. The robe may also be the linen of Dan 10:5. The golden sash and the linen are the dress of the Angels that we see in Rev 15:6

Rev 1:14
Head and hair like white wool – the Ancient of Days in Dan 7:9
Eyes were a flame of fire – the Archangel, WHO IS LIKE GOD, Dan 10:6

Rev 1:15
Feet like burnished bronze – the Archangel, WHO IS LIKE GOD, Dan 10:6; the appearance of bronze also describes the Angel of YHVH in Ezekiel 40:3
made to glow in a furnace – Christ was the one “like a Son of God” who appeared in the fiery furnace in Daniel 3:25
voice like the sound of many waters – the sanctified Church in Ezekiel 43:2

Rev 1:16
in his hand He held seven stars – as the Ruler of the Angels, see vs 20
sharp two edged sword – the body of Christ, as the Rider in Rev 19:15
His face was like the Sun shining in its strength – see Matthew 17:2; the writer of Hebrews told us Christ had “the radiance of the glory of God” (Hebrews 1:3);  and in 2 Cor 4:16, he described “the glory of God in the face of Christ.”

Rev 1:17
I am the first and the last – from Isaiah 44:6, the Word

Rev 1:18
I was dead – the Son of Man

Rev 1:19
write the things you see – John never interprets for us, he does only as instructed

Rev 1:20
seven stars are angels – angels are called stars in the Book of Revelation, and throughout the Bible

seven lampstands are seven churches – from Zechariah 4, the lampstands in Zechariah are churches, this helps us understand that the first 6 Chapters of Zechariah are a prophecy of the future covenant