The Two Witnesses

(Daniel 12:7-12; Revelation 11:3-4; Zechariah 4:11-14)

After the bishop of Rome exalted himself as high as Christ, the saints were given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time—rounded to 1,290 days, forty-three months of thirty days in Daniel 12:11. This ended in 1471, when the followers of Jan Huss broke free from the pope’s power.

The angel concluded the book of Daniel, saying, “Blessed is he who waits and comes to 1,335 days.”1Dan 12:12 Exactly forty-five years later, in 1516, Martin Luther began his Reformation with his first public attack on the papacy.

Revelation 11 described the two witnesses and their churches as two olive trees and two lampstands:2Rev 11:4 Jan Huss and Martin Luther dripped the oil of the Spirit of Christ in the Moravian and Lutheran churches that they established.3Zech 4:12