The Prophecy of the Messiah’s Crucifixion

(Daniel 9:26)

The angel told Daniel that after sixty-nine weeks, or sevens, the Messiah would be cut off.1Dan 9:26

Jesus was anointed in the fall of AD 27, 483 years, or sixty-nine sevens, after the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. In the middle of the next week, after three and a half years, He was crucified.

We know that Jesus was crucified on the Passover, on Thursday, according to Luke.2Luk 24:21 From the time of Moses, the Passover was celebrated on the fourteenth of Nisan. In AD 31, the fourteenth of Nisan was a Wednesday, but it was moved to Thursday in accordance with the festival rules. This fulfilled the Aramaic Targum of Hosea 3:2, which said: “I redeemed them by My Word, on the fifteenth of Nisan.” God prophesied the year, month, and day of Jesus’ crucifixion!