The Number of the Beast

(Revelation 13:1-2, 18; 17:9-10)

In the book of Revelation, the kingdoms against the saints were described as a beast of seven heads and ten horns. These were the four kingdoms explained by Daniel, preceded by Egypt and Assyria. John said the beast was “wounded by the sword and lived,”1Rev 13:14 as the power of Rome continued through the pope and ten states of Europe, which became the seven head. It was a kingdom of ten horns.

John said the name of the beast with the wound of the sword was the name of an “anthropos,” a race of men whose letters added up to 666. Every letter of the Greek alphabet is a number. In 180, Bishop Irenaeus wrote, “Lateinos has the number 666; and it is very probable, this being the name of the last kingdom.”