The First Trumpet

(Revelation 8:7; 16:2)

After the holy spirit was poured out, four trumpets brought four plagues to purify the kingdom of heaven.1Rev 8:7-12 These were described as five bowls of wrath poured out on the kingdom of the beast.2Rev 16:2-11 The kingdom of the beast represents the lawless in the kingdom of heaven.

The first trumpet was a plague of hail and fire.3Rev 8:7 This caused sores on those who worshiped the image of the beast and received his mark4Rev 16:2. All the grass was burned because “all flesh is as grass,”51Pe 1:24; Isa 40:6 and all received the mark of the beast. A third of the trees were burned, just as a third of the angels were found to be lawless. Jesus compared those in the kingdom of heaven to good trees and bad trees.6Mat 7:18