The First Resurrection

(Daniel 8:14; 12:7,11; Revelation 11:11-12; 20:4)

In Daniel 12, the angel prophesied that the power of the holy people would be shattered for a time, times, and half a time, which he described as forty-three lunar months, 1,290 days.1Dan 12:11

In Chapter 8, an angel prophesied that the sanctuary would be cleansed after 2,300 days.2Dan 8:14 These 2,300 days, subtracting 1,290 days, are 1,010 days—described in Revelation 20 as one thousand years when the martyrs “who had not worshiped the beast, or his image, or received his mark”3Rev 20:4 resurrected to reign with Christ.

When the Moravian Hussites broke free from the papacy in 1471, they ended the time, times, and half a time and began the first resurrection. John said, “They went straight up to heaven in a cloud while their enemies watched them.”4Rev 11:12