The End Was with a Flood

(Daniel 9:26; Revelation 12:13-17)

Daniel said that the end would be with a flood.1Dan 9:26 This was described in Revelation 12: “The serpent poured out water like a river—that he might cause the woman to be swept away with the flood.”2Rev 12:15 This flood was the Great Persecution of 303, prophesied in Revelation 2:10: “You will have tribulation ten days.” Bishop Eusebius, an eyewitness, said, “Houses of prayer were thrown down to the foundations, and divine scriptures committed to the flames—the body of one scourged with rods, another punished with rackings and scrapings.”3Eusebius’ Church History, Book VIII, Chapter 2 In 313, the emperor repented. John said, “The Earth helped the woman”4Rev 12:16 and “The dragon went off to make war”5Rev 12:17 with her children. The saints were taken captive in Mystery Babylon, a state-controlled church that enforced all the deceptions of Satan.