Silence in Heaven for About a Half an Hour

(Revelation 6:8-11; 8:1-5)

Seven seals reveal God’s wrath on the lawless. The first four seals were four horses that brought terror to a fourth of the earth:1Rev 6:8 Europe, which was the extent of Christianity until the Reformation.

In the fifth seal, the martyrs who were killed by the beast cried out in heaven for God to send His wrath.2Rev 6:10 They were told to rest until the fullness of their brethren were killed. Their deaths ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

John said, “There was silence in heaven for about a half an hour,”3Rev 8:1 or 267 years. Then, “Fire was poured out from the altar,” and there was “an earthquake.”4Rev 8:5 In 1917, the holy spirit was poured out in China, which began “the hour of God’s judgment,”6Rev 14:7 and China joined World War One.