In that Hour, There Was a Great Earthquake

(Revelation 11:13; 17:12; 14:7, 15)

The book of Revelation describes four hours of about 533 years—that is, one-twelfth of the human clock of 6,400 years. In the first hour, the ten kings of Europe reigned with the beast.1Rev 17:12

In the next hour, “There was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell, and seven thousand were killed.”2Rev 11:13 The earth represents the people, and a quake is their war. The Reformation wars climaxed with the Thirty Year’s War, in which a third of Germany’s population died. In total, one-tenth of Europe’s population was killed. The seven thousand represent the saints who did not worship the beast, from the story of Elijah.31Ki 19:18

The third hour is now upon us: “The hour of God’s judgment.”4Rev 14:7 The final hour is “the hour to reap the harvest.”5Rev 14:15