He Shall Pollute the Sanctuary of Strength

(Daniel 8:11; 11:31; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-9)

Daniel said that Satan would “cast truth to the ground”1Dan 8:11 —“an army would be given to him,”2Dan 8:12 an army of demons. They would “pollute the sanctuary of strength [maoz].”3Dan 11:31 The Hebrew word maoz only described the refuge of God, as in “God is my fortress.” In AD 180, Irenaeus gave the last testimony of believers receiving the holy spirit, which he said was evidenced by speaking in tongues.4Against Heresies, Book 5, Chapter 6, paragraph 1 Shortly afterward, a false experience of tongues began, called Montanism. Their founders, Montanus and Maximillia, received “a mind-destroying spirit” that drove each to suicide.5Eusebius, Church History 5:16 Their spokesman was Tertullian, the father of Latin Christianity and all significant deviations from apostolic doctrine. The apostle Paul said the coming of the lawless one would be with all signs and lying wonders.62Th 2:9