After Three and a Half Days, They Stood on Their Feet

(Revelation 11:7-11; 17:4-6)

The apostle John described the Catholic Church as a great harlot clothed in purple and scarlet1Rev 17:4 —the colors of bishops, cardinals, and popes. John said the harlot was “drunk with the blood of the saints.”2Rev 17:6

In 1415, Jan Huss was burned at the stake. In 1467, the Moravian Hussites declared their independence from the pope and asked the Waldensian Bishop Stephan to ordain the new ministers. Stephan was burned at the stake on August 19, 14673Joseph Muller, Geschichte Der Bohmischen Bruder, Vol 1, pg. 135 and the brethren were hunted like deer for three and a half years in the forests of Bohemia.4Mike Atnip, The Birth, Life and Death of the Bohemian Revival, pg 79

On February 22, 1471, Archbishop Jan Rokycana died, and King George Prodebrady died one month later. The persecution stopped, and the Moravian brethren were free.

John said that after three and a half days, they stood on their feet.5Rev 11:11