Zechariah 6

The Armies of Heaven attack the Horses of the North

Zech 6:1
four chariots – each led by different color horses signifying a different mission for each “chariot”

two mountains of bronze – after standing before YHVH, vs. 5, they come out from between these two mountains. This is truly a fantastic scene.  The mountains of the Old and New Covenants, Mount Zion, and the Mountain of Christ. Bronze is the colour of the Spirit of Christ in Ezekiel 40:3, Daniel 10:6, and Revelation 1:15. The Spirit of Christ was the Spirit the Israelites drank (1 Cor 10:4).

Zech 6:2-3
red, black, white, dappled – the four spirits of heaven, as per verse 5

red – the color of the Spirit of Christ, Zech 1:8; as a robe dipped in blood, Rev 19:13

Zech 6:4-5
my Lord – another evidence that “the Angel who talked with me” is the Angel of YHVH

the four spirits of heaven going forth after standing before YHVH of all the earth – compare with Rev 1:4 etc, “the seven Spirits before His throne.” Four here, represents all four directions, whereas seven represents the complete number of Spirits.

Zech 6:6-7
black – the Spirits of the Antichrist

white – those who go after the Spirits of the Antichrists to the North, see Rev 19:14

strong dappled horses – the ones eager to patrol, who go to the south country, which is the blessed country, symbolically being Israel throughout the prophets

Zech 6:8
have appeased My Spirit in the land of the North – this is an end times prophecy, the Spirit of God is also within the true Church, in the land of North. The white horses attack the Spirit of the Antichrist, the kingdom of the beast, in the land of the North, as we see in Rev 19.

Zech 6:12
behold a man whose name is Branch – the Branch is Christ (Zech 3:8; Isaiah 4:2 etc). The priest’s name is Joshua, which is Jesus in Greek.

He will build the temple of the LORD – the Spirit of Christ, who makes the body of Christ

Zech 6:15
those who are afar off will come and build the temple of the LORD – the same expression “a far off” occurs in Acts 2:39, the promise of the Holy Spirit to those who are afar off. This is a prophecy of the restoration of the Sanctified Church in the end days. The phrase “then you will know the LORD God has sent Me,” brings us back to Zechariah 2:11, which is the prophecy of the future restoration of the Sanctified Church.

this shall come to pass if you diligently obey the Lord your God – the restoration of the temple of the LORD has this condition, to keep the commandments of God, and Christ.