Zechariah 14

The Day of the LORD

Zech 14:1-2
The Day of YHVH is coming – in vs. 2, God again says that He will gather all nations against Israel, to show His glory.

Zech 14:3
YHVH will fight as when He fights on a day of battle –  YHVH, the Angel of YHVH, was the warrior for Israel, and the captain of the armies. Normally, we think of the Day of the LORD, as the great Day of God’s wrath, but Revelation 6:17 calls it “the Great Day of their wrath” – “of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb”

Zech 14:4
His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives – Christ is YHVH, the Angel of YHVH, who stands on the Mount; this is the “Great Day of their Wrath” (Rev 6:17), the wrath of Christ and God.

Zech 14:5
then YHVH my God will come – YHVH my ELOHIM, meaning Christ, with all the Angels.

Zech 14:6
there will be no light – perhaps a reference to the final deception of Satan, that precedes this day, see Rev 20:7; or Matt 24:29, “the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light”

Zech 14:7
a unique day known only to YHVH – “only the Father knows the day and the hour” Matt 24:36

at evening time there will be light – see also Isaiah 60:19, and Revelation 21:23

Zech 14:8
living waters will flow from Jerusalem – the true Church restored with Israel as the center

Zech 14:9
YHVH will be King over all the earth – in the day when Christ hands over the kingdom to God, see Daniel 7:14;  1 Corinthians 15:24

it will be YHVH one, and His name one – as in the Old Testament, Christ will be the Word, and Image of God again, and Jesus will be the name of God, see Rev 22:16, cf  Rev 22:6.

Zech 14:10-11
Jerusalem will dwell in safety – see also Ezek  38:11 , Isaiah 2:4 and  1 Thess 5:3

Zech 14:12
their flesh will rot… – a great description of the effect of nuclear weapons, which we must imagine must be used in the Great Battle of that Day. See also the description of the “sky rolled back as a scroll” in Rev 6:14.

Zech 14:13
the hand of one against the hand of another – describing the “valley of Jehoshapet” in 2 Chronicles 20:23, where they turned their swords against each other. Jehoshapet is called the battle place of the Great Day in Joel 3:2.

Zech 14:14 -15
the wealth of the surrounding nations – see also Isaiah 60:11; Rev 21:24. The nations will bring in their wealth to you.

So like this plague will be the plague on the horse, etc –  signifying the utter destruction of the enemies. Everything must be destroyed, as in the Old Testament wars against the corrupt enemies of God, Deuteronomy 13:15.

Zech 14:16 -21
any who are left – those who are accepted after the judgment of God.

the Feast of Booths – this can only be figurative, describing “the nations” in the New Heaven, and New Earth” (Rev 21 – 22). The feast of booths is one of Israel’s three great festivals, to which one must go up to the tabernacle. This is a festival of thanksgiving, which the nations might freely attend.