Hosea 2

The New Covenant

Hosea 2:1
see ending of Chapter 1

Hosea 2:2,3
Nor am I her husband – meaning she does not make me her husband, she does not love Me. But she will love God, as we will see in vs. 16.

Hosea 2:4,5
I will not have mercy on her children – Israel will be punished.

Hosea 2:6,7
She will seek them, but not find them – She will realize the emptiness of her harlotry

Hosea 2:8,9
I gave her grain, new wine and oil – representing the true communion with God, in the New Covenant, in verse 22.

Hosea 2:10,11
Her feast days, her new moons, her sabbaths – God is going to end the relationship based on the “basic principles of this world” – Colossians 2:8,16; Galatians 4:8, John 4:21, etc

Hosea 2:12,13
but Me she forgot – God desires to have true intimacy with His people

Hosea 2:14,15
I will speak comfort to her – to bring into the wilderness, away from the celebrations, into a relationship with God in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will be the promised comforter.

She shall sing as in the days of her youth – with the true intimacy with God.

Hosea 2:15,16
no longer call me “My Master” – meaning “Lord” as in Jeremiah 23:27: “their fathers forgot My Name for Baal (Lord).” God will no longer be the Master. Christ, will be the Master, and God’s people will love God as a husband.

Hosea 2:17
For I will take from her mouth – God will remove the idolatry of Israel

Hosea 2:18
I will make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field – the New Covenant will also include the Gentiles. The “beasts” brings us to Peter’s dream, in Acts 10:12, where God showed Peter that the Gentiles would become a part of the Church: “In it were all kinds of four-footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things, and birds of the air.”

bow and sword of battle I will shatter from the earth – in the ends days, this covenant with the Gentiles will bring an end to all war, Isaiah 2:4

Hosea 2:19-20
I will betroth you to me forever – as we read also in Ezekiel 37:25. In the end days, Israel shall never depart from God.

Hosea 2:21-22
shall answer with grain, new wine, and oil – the symbols of the communion with God in the New Covenant: the oil of the Spirit; and bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ.

they shall answer Jezreel – meaning God sows or scatters. Here we can also see the removing of idolatry from the New Covenant Church which is “scattered” by it’s harlotry with pagan religion. But the Gospel of Christ, of the grain, new wine, and oil shall bring unity.

Hosea 2:23
I will sow…have mercy…you are My people – the exact opposite meaning to the three names of Hosea’s children (Jezreel – Sows; Lo-Ruhamah – No Mercy; and Lo-Amni – Not My People). God will bring restoration.

You are My people –  the prophecy of the inclusion of the Gentiles in the New Covenant, as Paul mentions in Romans 9:24-26