Ezekiel 39

The Great Supper of God

The spiritual purpose of “the great army” of Israel (Ezek 37:10) is to cleanse the land in Ezekiel 39, which is figuratively the kingdom of heaven. In Ezekiel 39:17-20, we see the great supper of God, described in Revelation 19:17-18, the cleansing of the kingdom of heaven.

The accounts of Ezekiel 38 and 39 are in reverse order to Revelation 19 and 20. In Revelation 19:17, we read about the Great Supper of God. Then Satan is released again to deceive the nations. And in Revelation 20:8, we read about great battle of Armageddon described in Ezekiel 38.

Gog who is buried in Ezekiel 39:11 represents “the King of the North” the beast, in Revelation 19:20-21, and Daniel 11:36-39. Gog, in Ezekiel 38, represent the King of the North, who attacks Israel in the great battle of Armageddon, in Revelation 20, and Daniel 11:40-45.

Ezekiel 39:1
I am against you Gog, Prince of Rosh, Meschech and Tubal – this is the spiritual battle, that precedes the actual physical battle described in Chapter 38. Tiras and Javan, the sons of Japheth, who are excluded in Ezekiel 39:1, could theoretically represent the European states who were least affected by Latin Christianity. Tubal was the father of the Latin states, and Meschech was the father of modern day Turkey.

Japheths Sons

Ezekiel 39:4
I will give you to the birds of the air – as described further in verse 17, and in Revelation 19:17, these are the eagles, which are the last day saints.

Ezekiel 39:11
I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel – the death of the beast described in Revelation 19:20.

Ezek 39:16
they shall cleanse the land – figuratively the kingdom of heaven.

Ezek 39:17
Speak to every sort of bird – See Rev 19:17, the eagles.

Ezek 39:18
of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks – the Targum Jarchi, and Kimchi, interprets this as kings, princes, dukes, rulers, and governors; as we read in Rev 19:18.

Ezek 39:25-28
I will bring back the captives of Jacob – the restoration of Israel is described as in Ezekiel 37.

Ezek 39:29
I shall have poured out My Spirit – as described in Ezekiel 37:14, the Spirit of God makes a “great Army” of the people of Israel to restore the truth and capture the beast.