Daniel 9:1-20

Your Sanctuary is Desolate

This is an account of the failure of God’s people, which allowed them to fall into the captivity of Babylon; the reasons also explain the captivity of the saints, by mystery Babylon, and the desolation of the Church.

Dan 9:1
In the first year of Darius – which would be 539 BC, when Cyrus and the Medes conquered Babylon.

Dan 9:2
Jeremiah…seventy years – Jer 25:11,12; 29:10. from 606 BC to 536 BC, the edict of Cyrus to rebuild the temple


desolations – without the temple, prefiguring the desolations of the true Church, the abomination of desolation

Dan 9:3-4
with those who love Him and keep His commandments – the true Church will be restored to those who love Christ and God, and keep the commandments of Christ and God.

Dan 9:5-6
departing from your precepts and Your judgments – Daniel begins to detail the failure, which begins with forsaking the word of God.

Dan 9:7-8
because of the unfaithfulness – Israel became as a harlot, see also Ezekiel 16.

Dan 9:9-10
we have not obeyed…all Israel has transgressed Your law – just as “all men” received a mark, by breaking the commandment of God.

Dan 9:12-13
understand Your truth – to which we can now say, the truth of the Gospel, etc.

Dan 9:14-15
we have not obeyed His voice – not listened to God.

Dan 9:16-17
Your sanctuary, which is desolate – the Church shall be desolate of the Holy Spirit.

Dan 9:18-19
Your people who are called by Your name – all those who call themselves after Christ, will face judgment.

Dan 9:19-20
for the holy mountain of my God – the mountain is the true Church in Daniel 2:35; Isaiah 2 and Micah 4.