Daniel 11:40-45

Gog, and Magog

The King of the North
vs. 1 to 3 The Persian Kings
vs. 4 to 30 The Seleucid Kings
vs. 31 to 35 The Antichrist 
vs. 36 to 39 The Beast
vs. 40 to 45 Gog, of the land of Magog

Dan 11:40
at the time of the end – the end of the world. See also Dan 12:1 “at that time” which is the same time, being the judgment day.  See also Dan 8:17, 11:35.

Of course, one may wonder why we jump from the “extended Roman Empire” of the beast, to the end of the world. Simply, because, the Bible tells us that Christ became “the ruler of the Kings of the earth” after the beast was overthrown (Rev 17:14), and Satan was bound for 1,000 years. Christ will remain the ruler, until Satan is released from prison to deceive the nations again (Rev 20:7).

It is the final defeat of the king of the North that brings us to the judgment day (Dan 12:1).

Dan 11:41-43
This passage seems to detail the steps of the final invasion by the King of the North. This detail cannot be found in Revelation or Ezekiel 38, and 39, or Zechariah 14. It is worthy of note especially given the accuracy of the rest of Daniel 11.

Dan 11:44
rumors from the East and the North – In Revelation 16:12, we read that the Angel dried up the Euphrates to make way for the kings from the East. It seems likely that the King of South, who opposes the King of the North is actually the Kings of the East, or at least supported by the Kings of the East. We can also see from this verse that not all the European nations are supporting the King of the North. We also find this in Ezekiel 38.

Dan 11:45
he will come to his end – as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39.