Revelation 6:12-17

The Sixth Seal, The Great Day of their Wrath

This is “the Great Day” referred to in Joel 2, Matthew 24, Acts 2, and also by Jude. It is the Great battle of Armageddon that ends man’s existence.  The sixth seal, sixth trumpet, and sixth bowl of wrath all refer to this Great Day of God’s wrath.

Rev 6:12-13
a great earthquake – the expression “earthquake” also used in Revelation 11:13, and Revelation 16:18: an earthquake represents war in the Book of Revelation. The Reformation religious wars, that are called “an earthquake” in Revelation 11:13, lasted from 1524 to 1628 AD, and killed “a tenth of the City.” The earthquake described here in Chapter 6, is the Battle of Armageddon, and is described in Revelation 16:18 (the sixth bowl of wrath), as “an earthquake such as there had not been since man came to be upon the earth.” This war will kill 1/3 of mankind as mentioned in Revelation 9:15 (the sixth trumpet).

the sun became black – Joel said: “the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and awesome Day of the Lord” (Joel 2:31).

Rev 6:14
the sky split apart like a scroll – this is also Isaiah’s vision, in Isaiah 34:4.

If ever there was a glimpse into the effect of an atomic bomb, this would be it.

In this war, God takes the side of the “king of the South,” (Daniel 11:40), to destroy “Gog” (the king of the North) in this great battle, that is best described in Ezekiel 38.

(US Government photo: “Ivy King” blast, 16 Nov 1952)

Zechariah 14:12 says:

“their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will dissolve in their sockets.”

Rev 6:15-17
the great Day of their wrath – this is the wrath of both Christ and God, as we read in 2 Thessalonians 1:7; Christ will come with His Angels, in flaming fire dealing out retribution. We can also see the Spirit of Christ as the warrior, the Angel of God, whose feet stand on the Mount of Olives in Zechariah 14:4.