Revelation 16:1-11

 The First Five Bowls of Wrath

The Book of Revelation tells us the wrath of God will come from the Rider on the White Horse (the Sanctified Church) who treads out the wrath of the Almighty God:

“He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty.”   Revelation 19:15

This wrath comes by the end time saints and the Angels, as hinted by Revelation 15:7.

The seven bowls of wrath correspond to the seven trumpets, and describe the work of the Angels to bring God’s wrath on those who do not obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Trumpet Bowl of Wrath
1 hail and fire sores on those who worship the image and receive the mark of the beast
2 sea sea (baptisms/salvation of death in false churches)
3 rivers and springs rivers and springs (the lawless drink the spirit of a demon called Wormwood)
4 sun, moon, and stars righteousness of the sun (true body of Christ)
5 demons released the kingdom of the beast gnaws their tongues
6 Armageddon Armageddon
7 Flaming fire and Judgment Flaming fire and Judgment

Rev 16:1
a loud voice – the voice of the Spirit of Christ, as the Archangel, Rev 1:10, who directs the seven Angels

Rev 16:2 (First Bowl)
those who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image – the changing of the Sabbath Day and the Trinity doctrine. These are two great blasphemies of the beast that arose in the fourth Century, we discussed in Chapter 13. The sores are the discomfort of those who try to maintain these doctrines. These sores are metaphorically inflicted by the hail and fire of the first trumpet.

Rev 16:3 (Second Bowl)
poured his bowl into the sea – As mentioned “the sea” represents man’s salvation throughout the Book of Revelation. The baptisms of those who worship the image of the beast, and receive his mark, result in spiritual death.

every living thing in the sea died – why is there a difference from “a third” of the creatures in Chapter 8, and “every living thing” in Chapter 16? The focus of Chapter 8 is “removing the lawlessness from the kingdom of heaven.” But Chapter 16, purely describes the wrath on the kingdom of the beast. This is evident in the first and fifth bowl of wrath.

Rev 16:4 (Third Bowl)
into the rivers and spring of waters and they became blood – as we discussed in Rev 14:6, the rivers and springs of water throughout the Bible and especially in the Gospel of John, and Revelation, refer to the Holy Spirit. Those in the kingdom of the beast will not be drinking the Holy Spirit, but a very unholy spirit.

Righteous You are…You have given them blood – “righteous” emphasizes the spiritual nature of this blood. This is the judgment of the “lawless” who continue to embrace false teachings.

to drink – this is the “drinking of a spirit” – a demon whose name is Wormwood, see Rev 8:11. The “drinking of the Holy Spirit” is explained in John 4:14.

Rev 16:8 (Fourth Bowl)
the sun  –  the sun is God, the glory of God, as described in Revelation 1:16; 12:1; 19:17; 21:23. The Spirit of Christ, as the body of Christ, being the Kingdom of heaven, has a face “shining as the sun” in Revelation 1:16 (see also Mat 17:2); Paul called this “the glory of God  in the face of Christ,” (2 Cor 4:16), “the radiance of the glory of God” (Heb 1:3). Therefore, Paul said that Christ would destroy the lawless one “by the appearance of His coming” (2 Thess 2:8). This refers to Christ’s end time coming in the Body of Christ, as the Rider on the White Horse.

to scorch men with fire – Daniel 7:10 describes the “river of fire” that proceeds from God to consume the kingdom of the beast. This is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth that proceeds from the Father. John 16:8 tells us: “He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.” 

they blasphemed the name of God – for God burned them with His fire. The kingdom of beast becomes a place of great darkness. And all mercy is going to be removed, with the next bowl of wrath.

Rev 16:10 (Fifth Bowl)
they gnawed their tongues – this is the final cleansing of the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of the beast has become “darkened,” there is no light at all. In the equivalent fifth trumpet, we can see that God has allowed Satan to torment all those in the kingdom of the beast, all those who are not “sealed” by the Spirit in the Sanctified Church.

they blasphemed the God of heaven – not only His name now, but God Himself. Those in kingdom of the beast have completely lost all reverence for God.