2 Thessalonians

The Events that Must Precede Christ’s Return

2 Thess 1:7
when the Lord Jesus will be revealed – the return of Christ is a continual theme of Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, beginning with 1 Thessalonians Chapters 4 and 5. Christ’s return was discussed by Paul in their visit, see 2 Thess 2:5

in flaming fire – the Day of Christ’s return, and the Day of God’s wrath are also simultaneous events in 2 Peter 3:10,12. Christ’s quotation of Isaiah 34:15-16, that we find in Matthew 24:28: “Where the corpse is the eagles (aetoi) will be gathered there” also puts His return in the Day of God’s wrath.

2 Thess 1:8
to those who do not obey the gospel of Jesus Christ – those who have been deceived by Satan in the last days, per Rev 16:13-14

2 Thess 1:9
these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction – those who obey another gospel

2 Thess 1:10
to be glorified in His saints – the Body of Christ is the Spirit of Christ, in whom Christ is glorified.

2 Thess 1:11-12
the name of the Lord Jesus will be glorified in you – Christ is coming to redeem a Holy Bride

2 Thess 2:1-2
that the Day of the Lord has already come – Paul is about to clear up any misinterpretation

2 Thess 2:3
the falling away comes first – this falling away may refer to the departure from the truth in the second century.

and the man of lawlessness is revealed – this is identical to Jesus’ statement in Matt 24:15: “when you see the abomination of desolation.” In other words, the beast and his works must be revealed to the saints before the end comes.

2 Thess 2:4
who opposes and exalts himself – from Daniel 11:36

2 Thess 2:5
do you not remember – there was a detailed explanation by Paul to the Church.

2 Thess 2:6
what restrains him – likely meaning the Holy Spirit, the power that is poured out by Christ, who can only be the “He” described in verse 7.

2 Thess 2:7
the mystery of lawlessness – there are two mysteries at work, the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and the mystery of lawlessness (the opposing force)

until he is taken out of the way – when Christ is no longer Lord of the Church, and is replaced by “the Beast” who becomes “Lord” as described in Daniel 8:11.

2 Thess 2:8
then that lawless one will be revealed – referring to the Beast, the Bishop of Rome

2 Thess 2:9
with the activity of Satan – the false miracles, began immediately with Montanism, after 180 AD, by the spirit of the antichrist received by Tertullian, the False Prophet

2 Thess 2:10
because they did not receive the love of the truth – because they forsook the message of the Apostles, for the doctrines of Latin Christianity

2 Thess 2:11
God will send a deluding influence – false spirits, and miracles will be allowed by Satan, with no opposition from God

2 Thess 2:12
who did not believe the truth but delighted in unrighteousness – truth and unrighteousness are opposed; one cannot say he is righteous if he does not embrace the truth